Excluded Parties Verification System

Medicare or Medicaid reimbursed Healthcare Facilities


You are required to perform regular checks of Employees, Vendors and Contractors against databases of individuals and entities debarred or suspended from doing business with the Federal Government, Medicare, or State Medicaid. Failure to comply could lead to penalties.

Is Your Facility Compliant?


Why take a Risk? With our Full Service we’ll do the verification's and research for you.

SecureEPLS offers EPLS verification with 4 Federal databases (SAM/EPLS, OIG LEIE, FDA, and SDN) & ALL available State databases

Full or Self Service - Your Choice


Both will save you money, and address the risk of penalties.  

Our Self Serve offers the ability to have our system schedule the verification's for you.  It runs automatically so you'll  never forget to do it.

Our Full Service moves the burden of the performing the verification and research to us.  Why not?  We're best to do it.


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